Victory But the Questions Remain…

As the Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage last week the elation born from freedom and justice found me and rang out true and strong in my heart and mind. Even though I was in an important meeting at work my body would not let me hold back the tears that crept into my eyes and the smile that plastered itself on my face. It was real, it was a pinch myself moment, this really happened.

But as the joy of victory came so did the questions. Polarizing? Yes, the decision was in favor but even the Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 when they cast their votes holding firm to their interpretation of our national constitution. National polls also seem to indicate a similar percentage for the U.S. population, it is in favor but the margins are far from overwhelming.

Would this wake the sleeping giant? I wondered would there be backlash from the Christian population? Over the last few years while the Gay Rights movement was growing, the conservative Christian church has appeared apathetic to the subject. Whether it was out of apathy or a sense of unchallengeable superiority the Church has remained relatively silent. It has continued on the same path it has held for over a hundred years, an unspoken reality, homosexuality is sin, period. There was no need to discuss, it was understood by all who preached and all who attended.

The sleeping giant is stirring, but is it too late? From the inside of a church community I am observing a strange reality. A quiet questioning, individuals silently slowly wondering if what they have been taught is what they really believe. If asked what would they say? Would they tow the same line or would they be bold enough to say, “I am not sure?” Pastors and priests have tremendous sway on what a church family believes, but on the subject of homosexuality they may be losing ground.

Will the giant put its foot down? The answer is yes. While its congregants may be questioning their personal beliefs, church councils across the country and around the world filed their formal position statements regarding last week’s decision. The denominations in opposition expect their pastors and priests to remind and inform their flocks of the facts and the dangers of falling prey to society’s pull.

How will the Church make sure that what they believe is sin, is still called sin? The conservative Christian church is caught in a conundrum. How can they stand true to their conviction that homosexuality is sin and at the same time not appear unloving to the gay community? But the push is on, the leaders must get the word out before it is too late. Conferences with thousands of pastors have been held. Whole sermon series are being preached. There is a new Christian movie teaching Christians how to love while staying strong in their doctrine. The words gay and homosexuality are being said out loud once more from the pulpits.

The giant is rising but will the townsfolk rebel? Only time will tell.

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