Book Club Questions

The Peace Seeker book cover

  1.  Why do you think Susan kept her faith?
  2. Why do you think Susan was able to forgive?
  3. Even though Susan’s mother never accepted her same-sex attraction, what positive role did she have in Susan continuing her quest to find peace?
  4. As homosexuality gains ground in the general culture why do you think the Christian church finds it so hard to change its views?
  5. Why do you think the author called her memoir the Peace Seeker?
  6. Susan lived in two worlds that were opposed, have you ever found yourself in two worlds that did not agree?
  7. Susan’s family were mum during some of her life’s devastating moments, how does your family react during times like that?  Why do you think families often react this way?
  8. What do you think is at the heart of the homosexual conflict?
  9. What do you think enabled Susan to keep endeavoring to find peace?
  10.  Susan speaks of being one among thousands of other gay Christians most of whom have left their faith.  What do you believe to be the remedy for this mass exodus?