Gays Have a Place in the Kingdom of God

I really must change my homepage at work. Those scrolling news articles are too much for me to overlook. One inevitably grabs my attention and I just have to click to see more of what it is really all about.

Recently an article in the New York Times about the Catholic Synod caught my attention. Pope Francis in his usual fashion of shaking things up at the Vatican had really freaked some cardinals out with statements regarding divorced individuals and homosexuals. He stated that the catholic church should be more compassionate to individuals in those lifestyles. The cardinals in turn either sided with the pope or stood firm in outrage holding fast to the church doctrine that those who were divorced were committing adultery and that gays were an abomination. I continued on finishing the article and pretty much realized that nothing on either subject was going to change any time soon, but that I was glad they were at least broaching the subject. Since I read the article on line there was a section beneath for comments. Yes, I am still at work, but I could not help myself from reading on. The comments shook down to four types. People who were pontificating, while really having no clue what they were saying. People that did seem to know what they were talking about. People that were trying to learn something and people who were down right nasty. I am not sure who has time for all this commenting but someone was saying something so horrendous to another human being that I could not keep my mouth shut. I sure hope my company’s headquarters were not playing big brother at that moment, I just couldn’t hold myself back. I asked a question to those four categories of people. My question was, Why is there so much mud slinging about this topic? I went on to say that I was a Gay Christian and I just really didn’t understand why this was such a fierce topic.

The people that had been pontificating ceased their activity. The people that seemed to know what they were talking about did not respond. But the nasty seemed to jump in before I could had even pushed enter on the key board. While I sat at my desk at work, I was told I would be going to hell, Gay Christian! LOL and on and on. I could not believe my eyes. It didn’t offend me it only made me realize the extent of how polarizing this topic can be. The next comment rose to the occasion and beat down the nasty with a few more ugly words meant written to make me feel better.

As the forever optimist, I can only smile and say, it is all coming to a head. The volcano is erupting. I pray for the day that everyone is talking about whether Gays have a place in the kingdom of God because I know that some day the answer will be, yes.

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